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Jobs in Dubai UAE : Find latest jobs and vacancies in Dubai with top employers recruitment agencies and top companies in Dubai UAE. Find jobs in Dubai rom the top companies offering the latest job vacancies in Dubai UAE. Looking for jobs in Dubai? Find the latest vacancies & careers including full and part time job openings in top companies in Dubai UAE.
Jobs in Dubai UAE : Find latest jobs and vacancies in Dubai with top employers recruitment agencies and top companies in Dubai UAE. Looking for jobs in Dubai? Find the latest vacancies & careers including full and part time job openings in top companies in Dubai UAE.

List of Job sites in Dubai UAE : Job Sites with Listings of Jobs Vacancies in Dubai

List of Job sites in Dubai UAE : Job sites with listings of jobs vacancies in Dubai UAE : The job search is something that more and more people are participating in since these tough economic times descended on many Western nations. However, it’s important to note that looking for jobs need not be something that’s particularly difficult. If people can start making the most out of an individual job site, then they will find that there are plenty of Dubai jobs that are open to them.

The main ingredient of any major job site is the search bar. Its frightful how many people fail to use this correctly. To use this effectively, simply type the sector, such as technology, and then add in some information like a area, or a town name. This will narrow down the number of jobs available, and will make slicing the number of available jobs much easier.

Not all job sites in Dubai were born equally. Some simply have Dubai job listings whereas others have comprehensive services geared towards forging the perfect CV. Find out what the site has to offer, and whether it’s the right site, by simply looking at the site map. It should be noted that not all websites have their site maps available to the general public, so this involves a little bit of trial and error here.

Many job sites in Dubai have an advanced search feature. This allows potential employees to search for available jobs by things such as name, sector, and area. People can utilise this search feature to find those jobs that might not come up on a conventional search. Remember, conventional search features on Google, job sites, and on any other website on the internet are prone to error and bringing up irrelevant results.

Many job sites in Dubai are now utilizing job alerts to attract clients. Although it seems like a bit of a gimmick, it really is an accurate tool. Simply enter some parameters and then job alerts will appear via email whenever a new listing is posted. This allows people to get ahead of their competition by finding out about the best job listings first. On a side note, many Dubai jobs may have an ad up but they have in fact stopped taking applications as they have enough already. Don’t waste time by not having an effective job alert set up.

Although some job sites look like they are only attempting to scam people by offering paid services, they really are useful. Not only do they offer access to the premium jobs that only certain people are allowed access to, but they also offer services for improving an application. The most successful job search is the one where the individual in question doesn’t have to return again.

Top Hiring Companies in Dubai

It is vital for you to know which companies are in Dubai and how to contact them. Research 20,000s of companies based on their industry (i.e. real estate, IT, hospitality, airlines, etc). Find the contact information of each company in Dubai and send these companies your resume / CV, promotions, or questions. Find comprehensive lists of every single company in Dubai from the smallest barbershop to the biggest oil conglomerate. Companies in Dubai is a comprehensive listing of every registered company in Dubai UAE. On the website you can search by business name, keyword, category, email address, brand, phone number, and P.O Box.

>> Click Here for the List of Companies in Dubai

Job Sites in Dubai UAE

List of Job sites in Dubai UAE : Job Sites with Listings of Jobs in Dubai. Each site below has already been filtered to take you directly to engineering jobs located in Dubai UAE. Job sites in Dubai are playing a most important role for job hunters. Most of the job seekers searching jobs in overseas countries for the professional working environment, high pay scale, advanced technology and more. UAE is one of the most preferred and searchable country from Job hunters. Dubai is the best city to implement the latest technology and construction industry as well provides more job opportunities for all countries especially for India, Philippines, Pakistan and more. So, Job seekers searching their dream jobs in Dubai, UAE.

List of Job sites in Dubai UAE : Job Sites with Listings of Jobs in Dubai. There is top most job portal sites list for job seekers.

1. – The Middle East Leading Job Site

Recruiting and career resource for job seekers, employers and manpower placement consultants in the Middle East and North Africa. They claim to be the number 1 job site in the Middle East, but actually they were one of the early recruitment websites devoted to the MENA region. Boasting a bilingual interface (A/E), has built a good reputation in the region, and many employers trust them with their requirements. If you want to get a feeling for kind of jobs are most wanted and well paid, Bayt is a good starting point. Having used Bayt since 2003, I’ve never got any phone call or an interview request! Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, is also notorious for emailing its users with job suggestions that rarely fit their criteria! Oh, and if you were wondering, Bayt in Arabic language means Home.

2. Monster Gulf – The International Job Portal

Monster Gulf is the Gulf region branch of the company. It has some of the best features available to you as a job seeker, and you have excellent job opportunities with Monster Gulf. is considered to be the largest job search engine in the world, and Monstergulf is its sub site devoted to the Middle East. It’s being operated and managed from India. Monstergulf acts like a search engine for all online job postings related to the Middle East, and so some of its data is not accurate or fresh, and I’ve noticed that they recycle their load of ads, which gives them the fake look and feel of having more posts than other competitors. Many registered users have reported Monstergulf personnel contacting them with offers to push their CVs to job advertisers in return for a premium. Users who opted for such services did not report any solid benefits, while others asked for a refund but never got it. Use with care is what I’d advise you to do on that site, still it’s a good indicator for the ME job market.

3. Gulf Talent – Jobs in Dubai and Middle East

GulfTalent is the leading job site for professionals in the Middle East and Gulf region. A respected job site that offers a decent amount of job posts, but does not reuse older posts to look busy. Gulftalent claims to have over 1 million of CVs, and to deal with over 2,000 reputed employers. GulfTalent was launched over 8 years ago, and covers 9 Middle East and Gulf countries.

4. Naukri Gulf – Job Portal Sites in Dubai

Register free & Apply for vacancies in Dubai from top companies. Submit your resume and get selected.

5. Dubizzle – Leading Job Sites in Dubai is the leading classifieds website for users in the Middle East and North Africa. Since its launch in 2005, has become the number one platform for users to buy, sell, or find anything in their community.

6. CareerJet Dubai – Jobs in Dubai, UAE

Careerjet is an employment search engine. In just one search access 42.151.211 jobs published on 30.063 websites in the world

7. Khaleej Times – Dubai based Job Portal

Khaleej Times Online provides complete news coverage from UAE and online utilities like Dubai Gold Rate, Dubai draft rate and Jobs in Dubai, UAE.

8. GN Careers – Jobs, Recruitment and Employment in Dubai is the UAE’s premium recruitment portal for job seekers & employers. Find the job you have been searching for or browse through a comprehensive CV database for your company’s recruitment needs. Access the best employment opportunities, career news & advice, employment law updates and more.

9. Indeed – One Search. All Jobs. – it is a meta-search site that aims to pull thousands of postings from different places around the world. It compiles together job postings from major companies in Dubai, boards, top newspapers, professional associations and career centers. Job seekers can browse by title, company, location and keywords.

10. Dubai Task – Find Jobs in Dubai, UAE is relatively new platform for jobs seekers with some unique features in it. Professionals who are looking for job in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or in any city of UAE can easily find daily updated jobs , Jobs related articles and many useful resources etc. This online jobs portal allows jobs seekers to apply on jobs without complex signup form and any fee.

11. MEP Job Gulf – HVAC, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Jobs in Gulf

MEP Job Gulf is premier portal that is focused on providing expert recruitment services to candidates & clients across the MEP industry.

Top 50 International Job Sites

Your carefully crafted cover letters and resumes are considered worthless if you do not have a clue where to submit them. In the midst of this recession, you might get yourself lost and lose your path to success and these documents you spent so much time perfecting will do nothing but look pretty in the documents file of your computer. However, behind the curtains of the economic depression, there lies wide and broad range of job openings that you can imagine are found conveniently online. So, if you really are tough enough to pursue your dream occupation, here is a list of top 50 job sites and their descriptions.

Entry Level Job Sites

  • After College – this is specifically created for college students and recent graduate students. This is both an employment and internship site that allows seekers to post their resume. This site has a search engine, providing seekers easy access to numerous openings across different states. For more convenience, hopefuls can filter their search by type, area, industry, and type of career. The site also offers information and career advice.
  • CollegeGrad – currently, the number 1 entry-level site as it provides search service for college students and recently graduated students. It is probably the only entry-level site that list down the Best in Class Employers, Top Intern Employers and Top Masters Employers. The site also offers job search advice and virtual career fair. Furthermore, it allows resume posting, and internships searching.
  • College Recruiter – a site designed for providing entry-level job and career opportunities for college students, recent graduate students and graduates. It also displays part time and full time job listing.
  • Raytheon – offers listings and descriptions for the current opportunities. It has jobs section that gives every seeker the chance to look for the perfect work according to their field of interest, location and type choice. It has profile matching and internships and co-ops features to help college students and recent college students have hands-on experience. The site also offers recruiting events specifically for North America.
  • The Job Box – This site is open to high school and college aspirants. It brings opportunities from seasonal and part time to entry-level job and internships. Job seekers can search using keywords, category and location. The site includes career news and resources.

International Job Sites

  • – site dedicated to bilingual or multi-lingual job seekers. For the sake of communication, the seekers are required to be at least knowledgeable in the English language. The site also allows applicants to search by location, industry and keywords. In addition, seekers can search by language. This site also provides advice on interviews and resume creation. Job seekers can post their resume here.
  • – it is a meta-search site that aims to pull thousands of postings from different places around the world. It compiles together job postings from major boards, top newspapers, professional associations and career centers. Job seekers can browse by title, company, location and keywords.
  • – this is one of the mega-meta sites that use simple search interface. From hundreds of job sites and thousands of listings, seekers can simplify their search by searching using keywords and location, and browsing by category. In this site, searchers can learn about job hunting process. The site is also dedicated to providing information about continuing education opportunities.
  • Jobs.NET – a site that accommodates applicants across the globe, allowing them to browse through thousand of employments, post confidential online resumes and receive tips and advice about job hunting. Seekers can search by criteria, such as keywords, location, recent postings, salary, position, industry, company size and so on.
  • LatPro – this site is dedicated to provide assistance to Hispanic and bilingual professionals. It is a leader in online employment all over the world, giving seekers the opportunity to scan through listings from employers that are pre-screened. It also allows hopefuls to post multiple resume, create email job agent and access career resources.
  • – considered one of the oldest career sites online. It has thousands of job listing across the globe. The site includes career advice, relocation services and an auction-style marketplace, perfect for independent professionals.
  • – it includes more than 150,000 postings from all over the world. It is one of the free sites with the largest database. Seekers can submit and post their online resumes and check out competition and openings within their location.
  • – this is Twitter’s search engine for job seekers twitter users. Applicants can search using keywords. The results are then displayed using tweets.
  • Yahoo! HotJobs – considered one of the best resource sites online. It offers search resources for seeking professionals, free of charge. Online users can create their own personalized career management page that provides the necessary tools for fast, convenient and safe search.

General / Diverse Job Sites

  • Best Jobs in the USA Today – this is a site with comprehensive resource. It is integrated with databases, corporate profiles, post resume feature and career resources center.
  • CareerBuilder – probably it has the largest diversity of listings. It posts help wanted ads from the leading newspapers today at the same time provides listings and openings from leading employers. As its name implies, the site helps to build a seeker’s career by providing resources such as tips and advice.
  • – allows seekers to broaden their search. It has great resources of articles that guide searchers on their hunt. The site is created by The Wall Street Journal.
  • – Posting a resume on this site is relatively easy. Also, it brings convenience to seekers searching for job using the Internet. In this site, seekers can find other helpful career and sites online, increasing and widening their options.
  • – This site is perfect for ethnic and sexual orientation groups. As a diversity site, searching professionals are allowed to search for jobs by posting recency. In addition, seekers can search by location, type, industry and keywords. Furthermore, seekers are given an option to either sign up or not in the site’s free newsletter. Also, hunters can post their resume here.
  • – a site endeavors to provide the freshest listing online. Its database consists only of postings not older than 7 days. The search can be filtered by skills, benefits, location, company and type of job. For matching service, seekers are required to sign up. Post a resume here and get a confidential mailbox.
  • – considered as a general job board, this site provides help to applicants searching for openings. The listing can be browsed by state, keyword and function. Also, it is a site dedicated to bring information to seekers.
  • Jobfox – utilizes Mutual Suitability System to match seekers to opportunities. This matching sites has an in-depth profile system to be able to learn the seeker’s experience, wants and needs. The opportunities are rated based on how the seeker matches the description. Also, the employers are matched the same way. This site has membership fees.
  • JobSimply – a site providing wide range of opportunities from part time and summer jobs to professional and executive jobs. Seekers can look into retail, hospital, restaurant, teenand cruise ship jobs. They can search through industries, locations and keywords. The site also includes resources about career tips and advice.
  • Jobzerk – a site that is socially driven, allowing its members to interact and communicate to each other. As a community based site, searchers can publish and share useful information about their search and/or hiring process.
  • Juju – this is one of the best sites for finding interesting career resources. In this site, seekers can look into 15 different sites such as CareerCity, CareerMosaic, JobOptions, NationJob and so on. Searches can be quickened using keywords.
  • NationJob Network – a search service integrated with thousands of latest listings. It features company profiles and it is incorporated with email job matching service, based on your qualifications and preferences.
  • Net-Temps – one of the top sites where seekers can scan thousands of postings and post their resume. The postings include contract, temporary and even permanent jobs. The site is designed with tools and resources, including career enhancement articles.
  • – a job-matching site that requires seekers to submit their qualifications and preferences and matches the information provided to the employer’s requirements. Searching professionals can use the listings to search for job by keyword and location.
  • – this site has more than 150,000 postings from up to 27,000 employers. Due to its popularity, the site branched out into recruitment. It has insider reports on different companies and it allows seekers to search through multiple criteria, including categories, keywords, experience, location and date posted. The site also has email job matching service.
  • Careercast – One of the coolest portals that feature niche and local jobs from all over the United States and Canada. It gives seekers the freedom to choose where they want to live and work. To search for a job, seekers can filter the listing by title, category, and company. There is also an advanced option to better target the right openings for the seekers. Also, the portal gives searchers the opportunity to post their resume.
  • – It accommodates US and Canadian seekers from different industries and niche. Job seekers can search for different types of jobs using category, location and keywords. It also accepts resume from applicants and posts them.
  • – This is a good option for searching jobs locally on the United States. Currently, the site developed around 56 metropolitan areas listings. As a career site, seekers can post resume and find helpful career advice on this site. And with the integration of localized areas listings, seekers can now look for position in a prospective geographic area.
  • – This is ideal for seekers looking for recruiting or hiring professionals such as headhunters, executive search and staffing firms. The applicants can browse into the site’s database with more than 10,000 recruiters. For searching option, seekers can use the company’s name, location and specialty.
  • – It is a portal specifically designed for direct employer jobs only. It collects different posts from different corporate career centers of different companies. When approximated, this site probably has at least 2 million of openings information. For email alerts, seekers are required to register.
  • – It is considered the largest non-newspaper affiliated job board in Mid-Atlantic, operating in 10 states. The site provides information, discussion and careers. Seekers can browse and search for the job they wanted and they can also post their resume.
  • Jobcentral – formed by the alliance of two non-profit associations, this site has an extensive network across US. It provides employment and career opportunities to hopefuls in different industries and category, from entry-level to chief executive position. Seekers can search by company.
  • Job Search Shortcuts – providing links to thousands of listing web pages, seekers can browse and search jobs in up to 30 metropolitan areas nationwide. For faster search, searchers are allowed to search by category and by city. This site connects seekers to their prospective employers.
  • – it is incorporated with numerous features and benefits for searching professionals. The site allows seekers to view and narrow the listings by state and major city. The members can post different kinds of resume, including audio resume, video resume and portfolio once registered. This site has a membership fee. However, seekers can still use the basic services without a cost.
  • myCareerSpace – allows seekers to search by category, region or keywords. It accepts up to five different online resumes for applying online openings. The site is integrated with hunting resources such as career expos, salary, relocation, insurance and so on.
  • – it is probably the largest site for searching part time and full time jobs. It is built with career resources and advice and seekers can scan the listing by type, and location. It also has email alert feature upon registration.
  • – a free career site, allowing job searching and online resume posting. It has alert feature and career tools for seekers to utilize. Job searches can be done by categories, location, keywords and date posted.

Professional / Niche Job Sites

  • – this is designed specially for technology professionals. It is great career site that provides more than a thousand of openings for professionals. The list can be filtered for search convenience by job type, location and employer. It securely protects confidential profile from seekers, making seekers’ resume safe from devious minds. Here, searchers can find useful career resources and they can create email job alert.
  • USAJOBS – open to seekers looking for information about jobs and employment in the United States Federal Government. The listing can be viewed by keyword, occupation and location. Seekers on this site can post their resume and register for job matching service. The site also has resource and tips for job seekers interested in working at the government.
  • – designed specifically for veterans and transitioning military personnel. It also accommodates seekers with relation to a veteran and it allows seekers to post resume online. The openings include all levels and types of jobs. Job seekers can view results by type, keyword and location. The site also includes key resources for veterans.

New Concept Job Sites

  • The Interview Exchange – a job board that rates seekers based on how closely they matched on the position. The job seekers can receive the matching results via email. Also, it permits seekers to post their resume.
  • Jobirn: Insider Referral Network – known for its uniqueness, this site has a job board, online interview system and employee referral system, connecting job seekers to employees of their prospective companies. The purpose of the employee referral system is to assist seekers in getting a referral.
  • JobShouts! – a site that uses the power of social media. It helps create connections and provides matching results for job seekers. As much as possible, it delivers real time job postings at the same time automated one click searching from different social media networks.
  • Jobs in Pods – this is a web 2.0 site. It gives seekers the opportunity to listen to their prospective employer’s jobcast. This includes audio interviews that discuss the company’s culture, benefits and how to and where to apply. The podcast comes with blog post for information and links about employers and
  • LiveHire – one of the innovative sites today. Through this site, job seekers can get online interview via webcam. However, seekers need to submit their professional profile first and if employers are interested, they will contact prospective employees via email. This is highly recommended for long-distance job search.
  • Simply Hired – Job seekers can be updated when new jobs are listed via email, social media networks, blogs, homepage and even through mobile phone. This is a search engine for searching job listings using keywords. The results will come from multiple resources.

Featured Job Listing Sites

  • LinkUp – a job search engine with new and unique features. The site has the list of more than 20 thousand jobs from company websites. It is always updated with comprehensive job listing. Job seekers can search by title, keyword, and by location. The site is also built up with WorkSearch, a tool to track how long a jobseeker is searching for a job. It also has Tabs feature where in a job seeker can keep track of his job searches.
  • TweetMYJOBS – a job board that provides notification of open positions INSTANTLY via short messaging service. The site tweeted thousands of jobs within a day and at least a million in just a month. This new innovative service brings together recruiters, hiring managers and job seekers. Browse jobs by company or by location.

Things You Can Find Listed on Job Boards

There was a time that the only way you could find an employment opportunity was to read the want ads in the local paper, talk to friends and family, or drive around looking for businesses with help wanted signs in their windows. Technology has given us a new way to search for employment opportunities via the internet. Using the internet to connect to job boards that list companies that are hiring is becoming one of the most frequently used job search methods.

You can find job boards that list the openings according to the educational requirements the company has for the position. So you can look for graduate job vacancies, and for vacancies that would require a trade school skilled certificate like for welders, cosmetologists, or carpenters, and these boards that list manual labor positions that are willing to train on the job. Whatever skill set you have, there is one of these web sites that lists the employment opportunities that you qualify for.

There are some job boards that are dedicated to helping people find employment in other locations or countries. There are a lot of people who like to travel and see new places. They like to have employment opportunities that afford them the ability to travel while they work. They may work in Africa for a few months or years, and be working in England after that. There are a lot of companies that take work from all over the world and hire employees to do this type of traveling to complete the work.

Some employment agencies have job boards established on their pages so they can list the openings of the corporations they represent. These agencies also go and view many of the other job boards on the internet each day while they are searching for positions for some of their individual clients to fill. They sometimes also want to list their corporate accounts notices on other boards so they stand a better chance of reaching more potential candidates with the news.

Colleges often have job boards hanging in their student areas so different people can advertise when they need employees. Some of the students also post when they are looking for work on these boards so that people can see if someone is available and call them to work. Some colleges also now have these items listed online at their websites so their students can see all of the businesses that are willing to hire them before graduation. This type of recruitment on college job boards can provide a company with some of the brightest minds in the workforce.

There are some towns and cities that also have these boards listed on their websites so they can advertise employment opportunities that their town has to offer. The advertising of employment opportunities and of attractions in the area that people might like to take part in attracts more visitors to the town. More visitors mean more tax revenue. More tax revenue means more businesses will be interested in setting up a permanent location in the town.

Getting the Most Out of a List of Jobs

Are you looking for a means of landing a new employment? If you are then you probably would be venturing towards the many online job boards that are proliferating. That is certainly a wise move to make because the list of jobs available can cover scores of different employment sectors. So no matter what type of job you are looking for it is likely that you can find it if you are diligent in your job search. Being consistent is a must. That much we know. What many do not know is the exact type of jobs that may be available on the requisite boards. Here is a look at how to navigate such boards, examine their list of occupations, and how to properly apply for such positions.

Most people will perform a job title search that is highly specific and targeted through the search function of the site. This is not a bad idea since those that are looking for a very specific job need to narrow it down from a list of jobs. Using the search function to locate the job in question (if available) would certainly be a wise move.

However, just because you run such a targeted search and do not come up with any results does not necessarily mean the job is unavailable. Why would this be so? Mainly, the job may appear on the list of jobs under a different title. Remember, with search functions, specific searches lead to specific results. This is why it is sometimes best to look through a general list of careers and then try to cut things down from there.

With a general job board, you will see categories from virtually any career, trade, or profession in the economy. With a targeted job board, you would have the various subsets of a career. For example, a marketing job board would be marketing jobs exclusively. There would, of course, be various subsets of the many different marketing jobs available. With a general job board, this would really be the same scenario although there would be other prime headings/career sectors beyond just marketing.

Be aware of one thing: general job boards may not have as many job listings that a targeted job board would maintain. The reason for this should be self-evident. Those involved in, say, the food service industry would probably be likely to post job opportunities on a site that deals exclusively with food service position. They could place such jobs on both types of job boards. However, there will be hiring authorities that will exclusively post on those sites, which are primarily related to their field.

In addition, it never hurts to just skim randomly the list of jobs that are present on the job board. While this most definitely should not be the prime way of searching for a job since it is not exactly a focused plan. But, it may be possible to come across a job you would have otherwise missed had you not skimmed the listings.

Job sites in Dubai UAE : Listings of Jobs Vacancies in Dubai UAE


List of Job sites in Dubai UAE : Job Sites with Listings of Jobs Vacancies in Dubai UAE. Top 10 Best Jobs Vacancies Portal Sites List for Job Seekers in Dubai UAE.

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About Jobs in Dubai UAE

Jobs in Dubai UAE : Guide To Careers, Recruitment & Jobs Vacancies in Dubai. Dubai Employment Tips and Guide to Top Hiring Companies Jobs in Dubai UAE. Many job hunters still believe that the streets of Dubai are paved with gold. This may be true to some extent - Dubai is a tax free haven where net income is typically much higher than in other parts of the world. Even so, securing employment is not always easy. Approximately 80% of the population in Dubai consists of foreigners and competition for desired employment positions can be fierce. It is best to have an offer in hand from a company before traveling to Dubai. Of course this may not always be possible and there are certain advantages to traveling Dubai in hopes of finding a job as opposed to searching from one's home country. For example, many employers will give preference to hiring someone actually in Dubai (and thus available for an interview), rather than having to endure the extra hassle and risk of hiring someone sight unseen. However, there is no guarantee of landing a job before expiration of one's visa, making a bit of luck and local contacts invaluable in the process. Once a job seeker has secured a position, a contract will be signed and the employer will act as the sponsor. The contract should include basic salary, job title and description, length of the contract, and termination conditions among other things. It is vital to negotiate a good package including salary, housing, and school fees if the employee has children. Other allowances may include coverage for medical, transportation, utilities, and / or annual vacation with an airplane ticket to one's home country.

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