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  1. We do care.. Very nice video. I have addiction with YT. I even listed at work..

  2. My current addiction is youtube

  3. I tried it and I've never been so happy and calm. Thank you for sharing

  4. It takes courage to show your vulnerable side. Love you man!
    Next time you feel vulnerable to anything. Thank your stars you have what it takes to buy those shoes, as the man next to you you has no feet.
    When you feel to cocky someday and think it's turning you into the green gobbling, remember there is Mark Zuckerberg, Elon musk, Warren buffet who have 100 times more and are yet so grounded. Get what I mean! It's called Gandhi Ji's talisman.
    I love you Kevin, I don't know of any other dude including Gary Vee who is giving out so much value (free) on YouTube and changing lives and being so upfront and honest about it. One day and very soon I'll say it "Kevin David changed my life" coz am all about taking action after all the crazy videos- which is key and you say it in every video of yours (99 out of 100…)Keep going!
    ~Anupam Tripathi
    From the land of Gandhi, India

  5. Kevin David, I admire you and follow you, God bless you, I am going to put you in my prayers. 🙏❤️

  6. I really appreciate this, it's honest and very VERY TRUE.

    I have learnt way more from spending 2hrs in your company than I could every really express gratitude for as a small business owner.

    The knowledge you've share is particularly due to time spent with your addiction, so it's not all bad.

    But balance is the key as is the skill of 'learning to let life'.

    You definitely need to explore a new hobby not for the sake of mastering it but for the self-discovery that accompanies it.

    Take it easy my man🤗

  7. I believe that no matter what we do in our life, we have to have limits and we need a balance between our activities (work, job etc) and our personal life. What matters is to be true to ourselves and think if tomorrow I pass away, doesn't matter how many cars I have in my garage, but how happy I could be, how present I could be in this life and enjoyed each minute. I really appreciate all the videos you make to help us make money, since I am trying to change my career from System Analyst to something (not sure yet!!!) your videos are really helpful. However today I thank you even more for sharing this personal video with us, because it represents who you really are, true person that cares and with this video you are helping many people to realize that a nice meditation, read a book, share a smile and a great conversation with someone you love or even a person you just met can make your day really special, more than stay all day searching for even "Fake" happy pictures or comparing yourself with some unreal happiness.

  8. Kevin, this is probably the most important video you’ve made. It wasn’t weird, you’re not pathetic and we do care about you. I know that at the very least you’ve helped me think outside the box and that’s given me ideas for my life. Please know there are people who have been inspired by you. And not just about making money. Please take care of yourself. You are worth so much to people you haven’t even met. Someday I’ll meet you and tell you all this again.

  9. Brother I completely understand what your going thru, bcuz I used to be on Yt LITERALLY ALL THE TIME! But I have finally found peace by fasting by staying off of the internet for 1 week if possible. And I do it for my Lord Jesus and it literally made my relationship with him greater! When you put others before yourself everyday there comes a time when you need to put yourself 1st, I pray that that makes sense. I do care about you, I don't just watch your vids bcuz I wanna make $$. I haven't even gone thru with anything that you have spoken about. Bcuz that's a fear I have about making a lot of $$ again. I'm happy where I am now, yea crazy huh?! It's okay I'm glad that I where I am. You must take care of you bcuz you can't run a business sick or unhappy. So plz do this more often bcuz you sound A lot happier since. I will pray for you and your business! Abba Father Bless & Protect you & yours Abundantly in Jesus Christ Mighty name I pray, Amen!

  10. Wre care man, we really care.

  11. I care about you as a person and pray for you.

  12. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Kevin! I can relate to this as well.
    Great video!

  13. Wow! It feels so awesome to know that also great entrepreneurs also struggle with Social media Addiction. I'm inspired

  14. Very Brave of you to do this. Fist Pump. Yes this is a growing problem for self esteem and understanding reality. There should be more information about this to help people.

  15. I may not have bought anything of yours, such as courses or merch but I respect you as a person! I look up to you even if I'm 27 years old. I care brother.

  16. I've literally deleted my Facebook over a year ago. I got tired of the drama, the bullshit and the fact that everybody depends on it. The ONLY TIME I use Facebook is to run my ads and to the store page I have. I barely spend time on my store's page!

  17. Yes, I care very much about you as a person cuz' you're awesome 🤗

  18. That is your best video!I love it!Thank you!Helps me a lot

  19. Kevin,
    I care about what you said in this video and it motivated me and hopefuly others also to quit their social media for a while. I'm going to do 7 days without social media challenge.😉
    Love you😁

  20. I really enjoyed the personal approach you took to this video!

  21. People please go and watch the TV show BLACK MIRROR . The first 2 seasons. This will give you an insight into how modern day technology is changing us as humans, not always in a good way.

  22. Brother – man to man, heart to heart…you have to make sure that the best thing that can happen to you is having real friends that truly support you. quitting for 48hours is nothing.
    your own life matters more than social media. Have great people around you, then take breaks frequently only for them.

  23. Dude I have been rocking with you for years. I watch all videos especially the personal ones. You should add the Apple screen time to limit social media.

    Edit: I can tell that it really bothers you I can see it in your eyes. You should limit you time on Instagram to a specific time like 2 hours a day. I have so much anxiety when I get messages on social media.I also think it good unfollow or mute people that post things that do not motivate you.

  24. I will take a 24hour break from social media

  25. This was great! It good to see your human side. I agree with everything you said. I see so many struggle with comparison not realizing it is all fake. I hope this video goes viral many young people need to see it. Thank you Kevin.

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